Zenith Acquisitions opened its doors in September 2015 in Seattle, Washington with a small group of dedicated, entrepreneurial minded employees.

We currently represent one of the largest telecommunications companies in the United States. We believe a workplace should be a place our team is excited to come to every morning. Our dedication to create a positive workplace motivates and drives our team to accomplish work that astonishes our clients every day.

Since our inception, we have hit the ground running. We are unique in the fact that we no longer do direct mailing, or cold calling. Our team offers a smile and a handshake that delivers results. For our clients we guarantee a 100% return on their investment through professional cost effective representation and customer acquisition. For our team we guarantee hands on individualized training in order to help you gain professional growth as you advance in your career.


We are not your typical marketing firm. At Zenith Acquisitions, you will find an energetic and ambitious team ready to help our clients expand and grow into new markets. We don’t do boring here. Our firm has training in different capacities so that each of our staff members get the information at their own pace and style. We offer classroom, hands on, and online training. This ensures our staff is knowledgeable and capable of assisting any customer. We are here to help with individualized training, professional development workshops, product knowledge, and conferences to further the careers of all of our team members.

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